Virtueel/ virtual

Virtual and (post-)Corona activities

-Creating ‘De Corona Kronieken’ (The Corona Chronicles), online interactive zine on the COVID-19 crisis and what comes or may come after, for middle school and high school; using a broad range of sources, reaching from Bruno Latour to hip hop collectives and activist movements. ‘De Corona Kronieken’ aims to give students space to vent about their experiences with the virus and its consequences, and simultaniously looks to possible futures of living together differently.

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-Participation in POSTGEOGRAPHIC, online interactive exhibition curated by Carolus Stoop.
20-5-2020 – 4-7-2020

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Catalogue text:

Dieuwke Slump (1996, The Netherlands) is a multidisciplinary artist who works on the intersection of art, education and social projects. She works horizontally, letting everything and everyone infect the work that comes into being. According to the members of her collective Binnenstebuiten Lichaam (inside-out body), she is like a spider, just being, observing, connecting everything to everything and setting all kinds of social, technical and natural machines in motion. 

In her work, Dieuwke is concerned with the archive. Not as a place where documents are stored, but as the mechanism of knowledge production that shapes our memory, and thereby what we can think, feel and do today. She is fascinated by and committed to the idea of opening up this archive to make room for all perspectives, not just the general one from the healthy, white, heterosexual male, by injecting the archive with horizontal working, the knowledge of the body and fiction. One part of this fascination of hers, is working with people from all over the world, people she calls her markers. They inform her if anything changes in both their inside world and their outside world. Dieuwke thinks this communicates something about the (unconscious) archive of the world, in which everything is connected. Her markers inform her by text or image; Dieuwke makes a translation and sends it back to them, they respond to it again, and through that process these works have come into being. Especially in this time of the virus, Dieuwke believes it is important to keep looking across borders, to connect with people in the same yet different situation in another part of the world. These images reflect how people deal with this time of isolation in their own yet similar way.

Addition from the artist:

Because of this new way of exhibiting, I am also thinking about the transactions that form a part of the art world. I would like to try to look at this differently, now that everything has changed: the ways in which we perceive and possibly buy art included. Instead of the payment and delivery of the artwork being the end of the relationship, I would like to experiment with that moment and make it a beginning instead. If you purchase a work of mine, you will find out more about this experiment.