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In my thesis ´In search of a noncoherent narrative: from an oppressive archive towards an anarchive openfor all voices, all narratives, all perspectives´ I explore the power dynamics and socio-political structures of the archive as memory-institution: how the workings of the archive play a substantial role in what we can remember, and therefore what we can think, feel and do today. I want to propose an anarchive: an artistic and rebellious archive that bends, challenges and changes these structures.
This page will become my online anarchive.

Fonge Frieling interviews me on my work and my archiving practises

Drawings & Paintings
Markers collab-series
Black Notebook-series

Processes & Projects
1001 nights in objects- photography turned social sculpture- 2014
The sound of chiding scorn- performance- 2015
The absence of myth- photography and social sculpture- 2015
IM- multidisciplinary performance- 2016
Fest- workshopseries on high schools- 2016
0ur0b0r0s- delegated performance- 2016
Attempts to turn water blue- multimedia installation- 2017
Joempiezelje- paintings- 2017
Kunstportaal-society- multidisciplinary workshopseries- 2017
Kalometrie/doulometrie- delegated performance- 2017
Zonder filosofische consistentie- social scuplture and delegated performance- 2017
A Celebration of Chaos- exhibition- 2018
Maxi Reacti- experimental exhibition- 2018
NACH INNEN/in de nacht- delegated performance- 2018
De route van de mier- workshop for middle school- 2018
Het Huis- social sculpture and multidisciplinary installation- 2018
De Uitnodiging- multidisciplinary performance- 2019
Mo(nu)ment- performance and social sculpture- 2019
Op zoek naar een incoherent verhaal- thesis and delegated performance- 2019

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Uit het archief: AFGESTUDEERD! / Pulled from the archive: GRADUATED!

”Dieuwke is een theaterdocent van wereldformaat”

Hélène Meijers, docent aan de opleiding Theater Docent

Text in images:

*1996 in Apeldoorn
End play              Het Huis
I lived and worked with two other young artists in a house in a residential area in Apeldoorn, and investigated the theory and practise of ‘living art’
Thesis                   ´In search of a noncoherent narrative: from an oppressive archive towards an anarchive openfor all voices, all narratives, all perspectives´
Internship          At NTGent Publiekswerking, creating the program around ‘Orestes in Mosul’, the then newest play by Milo Rau

Inspiration         The everyday life of myself and the people I work with.
Political, economic, social and climate-related developments, our indecisiveness, our anger, our nuance.
Activists and people who seek other forms of living together, on the edge of or even outside of our society.
Poetry and fiction.

Ambition            Next year I create interdisciplinary, intersectional art projects, and at the same time I give lessons and workshops with different and diverse groups. I let the lessons and the students change the artworks, and I let the artworks infect the lessons. I do this at theatre houses such as NTGent, theatreschools, community centres and public spaces, sometimes abroad, sometimes with my collectives.

Vision                  As a theatre teacher, I am co-responsible for the narratives that van be told and heard. I want to make an effort for a society in which all voices, all perspectives, all narratives can be heard. This is something I want to make possible in my lessons and pass on. Above that, being a theatre teacher is to me creating a space in which people can keep on deepening their understanding of reality, and can, because of that, participate freely in the way(s) in which the world unfolds itself.